Herb Brail

Herb is a long-time photography workshop student with experience in photo workshops starting in the early 1980’s with a series of local weekend workshops in the Detroit, Michigan area with a freelance travel magazine photographer.

Herb recognized early on the benefits of a mentoring relationship with a professional photographer, especially when combined with a critical evaluation of his images. 

He has taken numerous workshops throughout North America, Southeast Asia, and Europe.   

He encourages anyone with a serious interest in improving their photography to seek out an appropriate workshop. 

Herb believes workshops exploring new genres offer an individual an opportunity to discover their passion. 

Herb has participated in landscape, travel, wildlife, nude, infrared, fashion, studio, and street photography workshops over the years—some great and others not so great. 

He says, “Selecting a workshop that meets or exceeds your expectations is not always easy, but years of experience has allowed me to be confident in selecting the right workshop.” 

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