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Maine Fall Foliage and Acadia National Park Workshop with John Paul Caponigro

Join John Paul Caponigro to experience and photograph the jewels along the dramatic Maine seacoast while it is flooded with autumnal color. Discover the Acadia National Park, tucked away treasures around the Union lakes region, venture along the the St. George River Valley and the dramatic coastline surrounding Pemaquid Point.

  • Date: Oct 15-19, 2018
  • Destination: Acadia National Park, Union lakes, St. George River Valley, Maine, USA
  • Genre: Fine Art, Landscape, Nature, Travel
  • Skill Levels: All Skill Levels
  • Group Size: Max. 12

Workshop Details

Breathtaking is the word for the destinations visited during this week.

This is a tour of jewels along the dramatic Maine seacoast while it is flooded with autumnal color.

Harvest season finds the air exhilaratingly crisp setting forest canopies and blueberry fields afire with stunning reds, oranges, and yellows.

We begin this adventure visiting the highlights of Acadia National Park, one of the oldest, largest, and most beloved National Parks.

A few days later, we move south through more intimate byways (some spots only the locals know about), discovering the many tucked away treasures around the Union lakes region, along the the St. George River Valley, and by the dramatic coastline surrounding Pemaquid Point.

We conclude with group reviews and a wine and cheese celebration in my private studio/gallery.

Participants may wish to take extra time on the weekends before or after the workshop to visit nearby islands (Monhegan, Vinalhaven, or Isleboro) or continue on to the White Mountains in New Hampshire.

John Paul Caponigro's Sonata Pair

Workshop Vision

Limited to 12 this workshop offers individual guidance while stimulating an active dialog amid a diverse group of participants.

John Paul Caponigro's workshops offer an unparalleled opportunity to develop your personal vision at exotic locations in a supportive community.

Demonstrations, experiments, and feedback will help you grow your existing skills and talents revealing new ways of seeing and thinking that will energize and strengthen your authentic creative voice.

You'll leave more versatile, focused, and inspired.

A Workshop image of beautiful fall colors

Become a Part of a Community

When you take a workshop you become a part of a community. You discover how much you have to learn from others - and how important that is.

You also discover how much you have to give to others - and how good that feels.

You will be able to connect and stay in touch with people who have similar shared experiences and interests on dedicated Facebook and Flickr group and John Paul's Alumni blog.

"I expected pretty much just a tour with guidence available, and was blown away by how much it was about creativity from the inside out, rather than the typical workshop. It was really about us and our process of seeing, looking and creating against a backdrop of fall colors. The exercises were well thought out and built on each other ... this is a workshop that is really head and shoulders above all the other I've been to. "
- Susan Beveridge, Fall Foliage - October, 2008

Caponigro Arts Location

Preliminary and final sessions are held at John Paul's private studio in Cushing, Maine.

This workshops will involve substantial time on location and some travel.

Maine is beautiful! You may want to photograph in the area before or after class.

You may also want to arrive or depart a day or two early or late and experience some of the gems of the area.

Beautiful forest image

How Should You Prepare for the Workshop?

  • Bring your portable computer loaded with your software to work on. Caponigro Arts do not provide computers/monitors. In special cases, on a very limited basis, Caponigro Arts may be able to provide equipment for you. Caponigro Arts are able to provide the latest version of Adobe Photoshop and Lightroom for your use during the week. Caponigro Arts provide all printers and media - Epson. If you have a special kind of paper or substrate you wish to use, bring it.
  • Bring removable media. You'll save valuable time if you bring your own portable hardrive. Caponigro Arts also provide CDs and DVDs.
  • Bring your images. Caponigro Arts can look at images in any form: prints, reproductions, electronic slideshows, websites. Prints or individual electronic files that can be browsed in Adobe Bridge are ideal for portfolio reviews.
  • Bring a camera. The single biggest mistake John Paul Caponigro says he makes is not bringing his camera with him everywhere he goes. You're bound to find something beautiful during your time at Caponigro Arts, so be ready to make images at a moment's notice.
  • Bring something to take notes with. For some a computer keyboard is enough. Some like pen and paper. Others like audio recorders.
  • Write down a clear statement of what you hope to accomplish during the workshop.
  • Write a well defined set of questions you need answers to.
  • Optionally, read the first section (Input to Output) of John Paul Caponigro's book Adobe Photoshop Master Class. Give some consideration to the second (Translating Tradition) and third (Compositing for Classicists) sections. Browse the fourth (Alterations), fifth (Atmospheric Effects), and sixth (Montage) sections for ideas.
  • In coming to a workshop, you're setting out on a journey. Make the most of it by taking some time to reflect on what you are about to do before you leave and what you have done when you return. Joseph Dispenza's book The Way of the Traveler has excellent food for thought.
  • Expect to meet interesting peers, share similar passions, and see things from new perspectives!