ADOBE LIGHTROOM BOOTCAMP: February 8 & 9, 2020


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Adobe Lightroom Bootcamp Weekend February 8th & 9th 2020

with Lightroom Expert Clifford Pickett

Total Tuition: $750.00

Hosted by Jonsar Studios in Industry City, Brooklyn, NY

Hours 10am - 5pm Saturday and Sunday

It’s back! A TWO FULL DAY Lightroom intensive boot camp. This will be a hands on, everything you need to know, deep dive into the single most important tool ever created for photographers outside the camera… Adobe’s Lightroom and Creative Cloud Suite.

Laptops are required for this one as this will be a fully interactive experience. Students will follow along every step of the way over this two-day boot camp as Lightroom guru, Clifford Pickett, walks you through every aspect of the software suite, covering the essentials, workflow strategies, tips and tricks, importing, development, slideshows, Lightroom Mobile, printing, tethering, syncing, virtual copies, presets, targeted adjustments, noise, sharpness and everything in between. If you are serious about learning Lightroom, a first time user or an experienced veteran looking to harness the power of the new and improved Lightroom, this is the Workshop for you. For those who have not used or do not have Lightroom, it is available as a free trial for 30 days and students are encouraged to take advantage of this:

What’s Covered in Day One:
An in-depth demonstration of Library Module features of Lightroom;
Workflow - Making it work for you: How to organize your images and take back control;
Digital Asset Management; A strategy to sort, rank, store and find every image you’ve ever taken;
Rating, key-wording, culling;
Importing images;
Color management and profiles;
Image throughput to Photoshop and back again;
Automating workflow with presets and beyond; and
How to quickly choose the best and forget the rest.


What’s Covered In Day Two:

Prerequisite: Lightroom Bootcamp - Day One of Two of Adobe Lightroom Bootcamp OR Intermediate Lightroom skills with excellent working knowledge of the Library Module. A critical visual road map of how to approach post-processing - what works and why
In-depth demonstration of LR’s new Develop Module tools: including, but not limited to:
HDR merge;
Lightroom’s new Luminosity masking and color range features
Panorama merge;
Facial recognition and auto-tagging;
New Filter brush;
Duplicating local adjustments;
Dehaze; and
New upright and image transformation tools.
An in depth analysis of the develop module with a thorough demonstration of all other tools in the Lightroom toolbox, to include:
Advanced Healing brush;
“Visualize Spots” tool;
Radial Filter;
Smart Previews;
Turn your images into a masterpiece (It's easier than you think);
Parametric non-linear adjustments;
Exposure control and correction;
Color control and correction;
White balance;
Noise reduction; and
A full workflow solution and demonstration from a recent shoot covering import through developing and on through export:
Exporting features and how to share your images with the world; and
And more!

What to bring:

Requirements: A laptop with Lightroom 6 or CC downloaded and completely installed. You may download a trial version of Adobe Lightroom here:

Please also bring the POWER CORD to your laptop as this is an ALL DAY Workshop