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MediaStorm Methodology Master Class


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Look inside the workings of a successful film and interactive production company, learning both the creative and business aspects of digital storytelling.

  • Dates: June 18-21, 2019 & December 17-20, 2019
  • Location: Brooklyn, NY
  • Genre: Documentary, Storytelling, Video, Multimedia
  • Skill Levels: Advanced
  • Group Size: Max. 20
  • Includes: One year of complimentary access to MediaStorm's detailed online training video library

Workshop Details

Methodology Master Class

This course, taught by all members of the MediaStorm team, offers a unique window inside the workflow and methods of a successful digital production company, including discussion on storytelling techniques, as well as elements of project organization, new business practices, and distribution strategies.

Upcoming dates in Brooklyn, NY:
• June 18-21, 2019 *Apply by April 23, 2019
• December 17-20, 2019 *Apply by October 15, 2019


The MediaStorm team will share their workflow and methods and discuss essential elements of project organization and storytelling concepts. We will also have detailed discussions about working with clients and fostering relationships with NGOs and other partners as well as traditional and new models of distribution, offering a detailed blueprint with specific recommendations for producers and educators alike.

Throughout the week, attendees will be encouraged to participate in ongoing discussions and in-depth critiques of MediaStorm’s work, as well as the industry as a whole. Our goal is to teach and inspire others to improve on MediaStorm’s model and approach, and to foster a growing family of storytellers that will continue collaborating with one another and moving the business forward for years to come.

Who should apply

  • Photojournalists, videographers and documentary filmmakers who want to learn how to improve their craft, while also getting up to date on the current state of the industry.
  • Educators looking to build out video journalism, multimedia or documentary filmmaking programs for both undergraduate and graduate levels.
  • Organizational leaders and entrepreneurs looking to build or grow successful video/multimedia departments and companies.


Participants will leave the Methodology Master Class with an understanding of what it takes to produce quality documentaries and digital multimedia stories, from software options, to story selection, to distribution.

This five-day Master Class is not a hands-on workshop, nor is it designed to teach attendees how to use editing software or how to shoot video - participants will receive one year of complimentary access to MediaStorm's detailed online training videos for that.

What you will learn:

Storytelling Fundamentals

  • Fundamental video storytelling skills and techniques
  • Documentary filmmaking essential principles
  • Best interviewing practices for your subjects
  • Working with still photographs, sound and video
  • Organizing your dailies
  • Optimizing your editing workflow
  • Putting the package together

Design Fundamentals

  • Creating appropriate graphics packages for cinematic narratives
  • Fundamentals of web design and interactivity
  • Using animation appropriately and effectively in your work

Partnering with Clients

  • Pitching to and collaborating with clients/partners
  • Wisely choosing different types of possible clients/partners
  • Applying to production and post-production grants and contests

Packaging and Distribution

  • Efficient and appropriate ways to showcase work on the web
    Encoding and distribution for various online platforms
  • Syndication models
    Various distribution models for both short and feature length content
  • Best festivals to submit your film to depending on your priorities
  • Specific examples and recommendations of companies and platforms to use to distribute your film

The Business

  • Real financials and business strategy of a small production company
  • Different possible modes of business for a successful production company
  • Remaining innovative and ahead of the curve as a video/multimedia producer

Dates & Locations

• June 18-21, 2019 *Apply by April 23, 2019
• December 17-20, 2019 *Apply by October 15, 2019


Mark Blaine profile photo for Master Class testimonial"The MediaStorm methodology workshop was the best kind of disruptor. As someone who works from within an institution that’s slow to innovate (a university), the workshop gave me a perspective on creativity and entrepreneurship that helped break me out of my institutional bubble and see opportunity inside (and outside…) of the organization. I now have a framework to structure all of my future production efforts — whether they be internal or in partnership with other organizations. Brian assembled a great group with diverse challenges that all seemed to mesh into broader, deeper understanding of how to make more thoughtful, more valuable story projects. Thank you! - Mark Blaine, Senior Instructor, University of Oregon School of Journalism and Communication

John Brecher profile photo for Master Class testimonial"MediaStorm's methodology workshop helped me understand the business of video storytelling as I left a media company to work for myself. I'd recommend it to anyone considering leaving a job to work independently in visual storytelling." - John Brecher, Photojournalist

Jeff Gasser profile photo for Master Class testimonial"MediaStorm's Methodology Master Class is an in-depth and honest study of how to run a successful production company. It spends considerable time on all aspects of video production, from building a brand and business to producing and distributing high quality content. In this workshop you will have unlimited access to the award winning MediaStorm team's wealth of knowledge. Brian Storm's passion for the industry is contagious. I look forward to applying the lessons and principles learned in this workshop for years to come." - Jeff Gasser, Producer, Becket Law


Mariana Keller profile photo for Master Class testimonial Mariana Keller

"Attending the workshop was an incredibly catalytic experience. My biggest takeaway was demystifying MediaStorm's entire production and brand positioning process. These guys are not wizards. They are regular people with insane talent and an unspeakable drive. It was amazing to see the curtains come down and all the "secrets" and the hardships behind such a successful and inspiring production company revealed. Walking home with so much inspiration and insight was the highlight of my year. This workshop is a must for any video creative looking to break from the mold and have a shot at becoming a reference in this crowded space." - Mariana Keller, Documentary Filmmaker and Journalist


Diana Neille profile photo for Master Class testimonial"I enrolled in the MediaStorm Methodology Master Class, facilitated by Brian Storm, as a journalist and a media entrepreneur looking to establish a similar business model in Cape Town, South Africa. I have looked to MediaStorm for inspiration for several years now and was excited to get to understand how the company operates a bit better.

I found the 5-day seminar extremely useful, relevant and energising. Everything from distribution and business practice to production techniques and effective storytelling were discussed in a comprehensive, honest and accessible manner. Almost everything that was discussed was relevant to me and my business and I came away with many methods and tips to implement. I am grateful to have had access to the learnings and insight from Brian and his team, who I found to be, above all, genuinely good human beings creating amazing work."Diana Neille, Managing Director of Chronicle. Cape Town, South Africa 


Ralph Basui Watkins profile photo for Master Class testimonial"This workshop changed my life. 

It gave me the courage to start my own storytelling company. I was convinced that I can tell the stories I want to tell the way I want to tell them. 

I saw story in a new way. Stories came to life as I understood the MediaStorm method. 

The methodology behind the work at MediaStorm is detailed yet one can grasp it and make sense of it. I left the workshop having rethought my process and was able to redesign the way I do my work. 

Brian and his team are down to earth, approachable, accessible, authentic and transparent. They withhold nothing. The question and answer sessions were enlightening and empowering. 

MediaStorm is about much more than technique. MediaStorm is about an ethical way of storytelling that seeks to be truthful, honest and fair to the person’s story they are prevailed to tell. The person whose story we are telling is the focus of the MediaStorm method and that is why their brand of storytelling is so powerful. 

Stories don’t have time limits or goals. The story is told as is should be told and it is the story that dictates the length of the piece. Give the person voice whose story you are telling. We don’t speak for them but rather we provide a space for them to speak and tell their story. It is in this telling of their story that the viewer connects and is touched by the work MediaStorm does. 

MediaStorm taught me how to breathe life into my story telling. 

MediaStorm taught me how to tell stories in such a way that the viewer will connect with the story and the person who the story is about. 

MediaStorm taught me how bring my character’s life to the screen. 

They taught me how to make sure those how view my work will feel what I felt as I interviewed the people whose story I am privileged to tell." - Ralph Basui Watkins, MFA, PhD “The scholar with a camera.”