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Instagram for Photographers Workshop with Steve Attard

Join Steve Attard to reshape your approach to Instagram and find the creative recognition you deserve! Learn how you can grow your Instagram audience to unlock your creativity and grow your status as a photographer.

  • Genre: Instagram, Marketing, Business
  • Skill Levels: All Skill Levels
  • Group Size: Max. 15
  • Dates:
    • New York City: Jun 15, 2018, Manhattan
    • Vancouver BC: Aug 17, 2018, Gastown
  • Includes: Real time live screen-share of Steve's daily Instagram workflow, posting content and engaging with the community throughout the day

A Step-by-Step Guide to Growing Your Instagram Audience

This is an intensive one-day workshop that provides the tools you need unlock your creativity on Instagram as a photographer.

Learn how to discover exciting new photography and photographers on Instagram, how to join in the conversations, and steps to getting your own work seen and followed.

You’ll learn the principles of meaningful Instagram growth and get the skills necessary to participate in the biggest creative social network of all time. 

Learning in Real Time

This workshop will take you on a typical daily workflow with Steve as he posts live content and engages with the Instagram community throughout the day.

He’ll walk through every step of his Instagram workflow including editing and creating new posts and hastagging them for discovery, he’ll demonstrate techniques for joining and starting engaging conversations, direct messaging for collaborations and storytelling techniques through Instagram Stories, as well as gaining insights through Analytics.

Discussing Latest Trends

Steve will round out this unique experience with an in-depth group discussion on the controversial topics that get in the way of success like the myth of the consistent feed, the when and why on filters, profile & bio must-haves, recent algorithm changes, engagement groups and revisit the fundamentals to getting your work seen.

This intensive course is a powerful look into how successful photographers are playing the game on Instagram led by a digital marketing expert and photographer who has marketed for some of the world’s top photographers.

    What You’ll Learn: 

    • A systematic framework for growing a real and engaged following that will help you get your own work seen and followed
    • The fundamentals of social media from the perspective of passionate (amateur & professional) photographers
    • Understanding Instagram profiles, followers, hashtags, paid promotions, direct messaging, analytics and more
    • Writing the best Instagram name and bio information
    • Creating a consistent look and feel on your feed
    • When is the best time to post on Instagram
    • Finding the best hashtags that suit your photography style
    • Top Instagram trends for 2018 and beyond 

    Workshop Itinerary

    1. Start with “why” - Understanding Instagram for Photographers
    2. Key Principles and Your Objectives
    3. Tell Your Personal Story
    4. Know Your Audience
    5. Research Other Photographers
    6. Plan Your Posting Strategy
    7. Brush Up Your Instagram Profile Basics
    8. Systemize and Integrate Your Workflow
    9. Post at the Perfect Time
    10. Choose the Right Hashtags
    11. Caption for Inspiration
    12. Grow your Followers Organically
    13. Collaborate to Grow
    14. Drive Traffic to Your Website
    15. Keep Your Audience Engaged
    16. Track and Measure Your Progress
    17. Understand Where We’re Heading to Next

    Bonus Material

    Included in the workshop materials is exclusive bonus material that give you the actual scripts and templates to create Instagram Stories, hashtags, send direct messages to propose collaborations, and save hundreds of hours not having to reinvent the wheel.