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Jamie Smith 5-Day Immersive Photography Workshop in New York City

Join Jamie Smith and some of the world's leading photography instructors in New York City to identify, redefine, or expand your personal photographic vision.

  • Date: June 4 - 8, 2018
  • Destination: New York City, USA
  • Genre: Various incl. Street, Documentary, Fine Art
  • Skill Levels: All Skill Levels
  • Group Size: Max. 10
  • Includes: A different top photographer leading each daily intensive workshop session

Workshop Details

Jamie Smith's workshop is for those who wish to identify, redefine, or expand their personal photographic vision. 

It is about being challenged and encouraged to grow in a collaborative atmosphere while discovering what YOUR photographs convey to others. 

Guest speakers discuss their life’s work and provide insightful evaluations of student images. 

Respectful discussions and highly interactive creative exercises stimulate transformation as participants receive direction for improvement and ultimately practice helpful strategies to become more comfortable articulating WHY their photographs have purpose and meaning.

All of that, along with great photographic opportunities, meals and camaraderie with like-minded, imaginative people in one of world’s greatest creative playgrounds – the dynamic neighborhoods of Manhattan.

This is very much a collaborative endeavor – come prepared to participate, ask questions, contribute ideas, and have an open mind about learning something new about your pictures and yourself.

"Jamie Smith has worked with me at The Bank on the workshop, Light, Gesture, & Color for the last eight years. Without him, the workshop would have been a lesser experience for everybody. With him, the workshop has evolved over the years into this book you hold in your hands." Jay Maisel, Brooklyn, NY (Quote from Jay's book, Light, Gesture, & Color)

Program Highlights

  • Intensive workshop sessions in the studio are highly interactive, with each day led by one of our professional photographer instructors.
  • Speakers show their work and lead group critiques of the student images brought from home or shot during the week.

  • On a technical level, participants are expected to be comfortable using their own digital camera, laptop, and editing software.
  • The workshop is limited to 10 participants, and enrolment is on a first come, first serve basis.
  • Classes take place at Go-Studios: 318 West 39th St. (Between 8th & 9th Ave) - Private Penthouse Studio

  • The workshop day begins at 9am and lasts through dinner (except one evening, usually Thursday night, which is a free evening).
  • Where to stay? There are (5) hotels on this block alone.
  • The studio is a short walk to Port Authority, Times Square, and Penn Station.
  • Those who live in NYC or prefer to stay and explore any other neighborhoods have plenty of transportation options.
  • Except for Thursday night, you will unwind, relax, talk shop and end each day dining at a top rated New York City restaurant.

  • On Thursday evening you will be at your leisure to explore New York City on your own – take your camera to a new neighborhood, shop, meet up with your spouse, try a new restaurant or take in a show.
  • Healthy and delicious breakfast items will be available in the studio in the morning. 
  • Lunches will be hosted.
  • Typically you eat at venues that are close by or order in to save time.

Student Testimonials

"I just wanted to say thank you for an excellent workshop. I know it's hard to read us Brits but I want you to know I had a great time! Thanks for your patience. Our group was an interesting mix. Your calm, measured approach was much appreciated. You changed us all and I hope in my case the change continues.

Old dogs. New tricks. But let's hope. Please also pass on my personal thanks to Seth, Doug, Geoff and Joseph. They made up quite a faculty! In their unique ways they are all impressive artists and I am more than happy to have met them. They straddled the line between showing us the horizon and inducing a camera-tossing despair of ever reaching it very delicately!

Take care and don't forget to be good to yourself too amidst your laudable philanthropy. You too deserve your place in the world."

Steven Shone, London, England

"It was definitely worth the investment made to attend. I found the variety of participants and their respective photo interests and styles stimulating. I especially found the variety of guest speakers a real plus as it exposed me to a wide range of approaches, philosophies, and styles of photography. I appreciated each of their efforts to “translate” their insights to us even though we weren’t always shooting the exact type of images they were. The depth of their belief and commitment to their art was impressive and clearly were major drivers in their quest for their “best” photographic production."

Ray Scott, Little Rock, AR

"The workshop was very intense, with great discussions. The selection of guest speakers and their experience was priceless. Learned a lot from their experience and enjoyed seeing their extensive work. The studio was spacious and comfortable."

Marta Amaral, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

"I developed a better perspective on my own work and have begun to develop a perspective on it not so much as an assortment of interesting individual images but as a body of work where individual images are related to others and represent my individual perspective on the world around me. It was interesting to see the reactions of diverse individuals to the same group of images and to note which photographs they responded to. So the critical reviews were the best part."

Tom Dackow, Summit, NJ

"When I speak of this past week, I speak of the creativity and stimulation that I felt. I learned from each and everyone’s images. And, I learned the necessity of being able to engage people, something I can do in a studio environment, less so on the streets of New York. Well, of course the critiques of our work. We so seldom are exposed to women photographers, and Barbara Bordnick’s critique was spot on. I didn’t understand why one of my images captured me, but after’s Seth’s exercise in writing down key words, I fully realized why those things mattered—the still zen like feeling. I fully connected with each day. I found each hour to be beneficial."

Deanna Bittker, New York, NY

"I learned a lot about how to ‘think’ like a photographer and ‘see’ like a photographer. This was very valuable to me. As was the small group size and critiques."

Fran Meckler, San Francisco, CA

"Great balance of peer interaction, engagement with master photographers, and the technical and artistic sides of photography. I most enjoyed the collegiality and peer critiques, balance of workshop time with shooting time and daily presentation by different master photographers."

David Rider, New York, NY

“After producing Jay Maisel's photography workshops for many years, Jamie Smith is now hosting his own workshops, which include many of the elements that made Jay's so successful. Jamie’s workshops feature photographers I really respect, such as Seth Resnick. I've been to a lot of "lightweight" workshops that are fun and informative, but if you *really* want to dive deep into photography and have an intensively educational and inspirational experience, this is the kind of workshop you want to take, and Jaime's one of the best at producing them.”

Scott Smith, Washington D.C.

"Tell Mr. Wilkes that it was something else on Ellis Island that pushed him along to finish quick and get out. I love those images! I enjoyed Barbara’s lecture and visit to her studio. She is wonderful. I wish I could give her another hug. Seth has a unique boyish view of life and it shows in his images. I love his color work. Immensely enjoyed his lecture. And Jay, I love him! If a friend asked about the course, I would advise to take it. I would tell them that the artist speakers are worth the class. The students attending the workshop are important and it was great meeting these folks and interacting with them."

Victor Santos, Fallbrook, CA