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Join Steve Simon & Zack Arias for an Intensive & Transformational Shooting Experience in The Street Photography Capital of The World.

  • Dates: Oct 5-9, 2018
  • Genre: Street Photography
  • Group Size: Max 9 participants
  • Skill Levels: Passionate Photographers (Portfolio Review Required)
  • Includes: "Critiques & Lectures, Opening Night Dinner, Snacks

Steve & Zack will be teaching you new and powerful street photography techniques guaranteed to push you from your comfort zone to new heights in your work and share street-shooting philosophies gleaned from a lifetime of wandering urban places with their cameras.


Two of the most passionate photographers you will ever meet, Steve Simon and Zack Arias have teamed up to share this intimate five-day masterclass (limited to 12 students) designed to maximize both the learning experience and your ability to create a unique and powerful portfolio of imagery from New York City. You will explore the vibrant, visually rich places and neighborhoods New York is famous for with Steve & Zack taking you to some hidden gems.

Locations may include: Times Square, High Line Park, Harlem, Fifth Avenue & 57 Street, Brooklyn Bridge, Chinatown, Little Italy, Ground Zero and the Lower East Side, Union Square, Washington Square Park, Queens, Coney Island and other parts of Brooklyn.


This intensive workshop will help you find your own unique vision and street style through assignments created to get you past photographic fears and cliches to capturing lyrical, poetic and decisive moments that communicate the energy of the streets. But mostly you will be shooting the theatre that is the street; sometimes together, often on our own.

You’ll learn about the “rhythm of place” and you will discuss the laws and ethics of street photography as well as dealing with difficult situations that might pop up. You will define a strategy for capturing the rich daily life of people on the street; overcoming fears and shyness, approaching strangers, framing, juxtaposition, layering your compositions, letting the image come to you and whether color or black and white best suits your vision. And you will have fun!

Though the schedule may seem packed, woven into the program is down time to relax, edit your work and percolate on the experience and what is being taught.

We encourage flexibility and independence among participants and will attempt to personalize your experience whenever possible. If you fall in love with an area and want to continue working there–you are encouraged to do so.

Limiting the participants to 12 allows us to tailor this workshop to meet the needs of each participant. Lectures and assignments will be personalized to get you out of your comfort zone and push you forward in your work.



Day 1: Friday October 5

  • 2pm Arrival & Orientation. Introductory meet and greet talking about the week to come as you view the work of some of the best and most influential modern day street photographers followed by a quick-start session with tips on shooting and editing.
  • A golden light warm-up photo walk in the Chinatown/Little Italy area close to our venue will break the visual ice. 
  • A group welcome dinner at our loft location is included in the price. We might  screen one of a number of street photography movies in our collection on the inaugural night. Last workshop we saw: Bill Cunningham New York.

Days 2 through 4: Saturday October 6th & Sunday October 7th:

  • Lectures will take place at the loft between 10:30am – 1:30PM daily so we  can take full advantage of the early morning and late afternoon light (sunrise is approximately 7AM; Sunset: 6:15PM.)
  • Shooting locations will be determined each morning. You are free to hang out at the loft to edit or as a base for further shooting. You can keep your stuff safely secured their and grab whatever gear you need for a particular shoot.
  • There may be a Saturday Night Shoot – Brooklyn Bridge & Sunday night group shooting session at Times Square. Itinerary to be finalized. 
  • You are asked to edit your previous days shoot before class, choosing your strongest images of the day.
  • Our daily lecture will be followed by a group critique. Then you hit the streets, a little wiser from the day before.