The Art of The Word - Saul Robbins


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Join Saul Robbins for an Intensive course that will unlock opportunities for your career. This course is designed to demystify the writing process, enabling students to better express their creative ideas to audiences and decision makers. Exercises and assignments will cover bios, elevator pitches and artists' statements in relation to students' images and intentions, encouraging new language and visual approaches to contextualizing their portfolios and themselves.

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    • Dates: 2020 TBA
    • Genre: All Genres of Photography
    • Group Size: TBD
    • Skill Levels: Photographic Artists
While a picture is worth a thousand words, as creators we must convey far more than that when preparing written materials for websites, juried calls, newsletters, grants, etc. Drafting an elevator pitch, bio, CV, or cover letter is relatively formulaic, an artist's statement or applications for funding and residencies become more nuanced as we focus on opportunities for recognition and valuable time for new projects.
The second half of the course will incorporate these components into real-time opportunities for professional development and advancement, including grant and residency applications.
By the end of this course, students will have new strategies to promote themselves and their work with confidence and clarity and be better prepared to articulate an authentic identity and brand that permeates their creative practice.