*NEW! Vancouver Masterclass: Coronavirus Edition  June 18-20, 2021
*NEW! Vancouver Masterclass: Coronavirus Edition  June 18-20, 2021
*NEW! Vancouver Masterclass: Coronavirus Edition  June 18-20, 2021
*NEW! Vancouver Masterclass: Coronavirus Edition  June 18-20, 2021
*NEW! Vancouver Masterclass: Coronavirus Edition  June 18-20, 2021
*NEW! Vancouver Masterclass: Coronavirus Edition  June 18-20, 2021
*NEW! Vancouver Masterclass: Coronavirus Edition  June 18-20, 2021
*NEW! Vancouver Masterclass: Coronavirus Edition  June 18-20, 2021
*NEW! Vancouver Masterclass: Coronavirus Edition  June 18-20, 2021
*NEW! Vancouver Masterclass: Coronavirus Edition  June 18-20, 2021
*NEW! Vancouver Masterclass: Coronavirus Edition  June 18-20, 2021
*NEW! Vancouver Masterclass: Coronavirus Edition  June 18-20, 2021

*NEW! Vancouver Masterclass: Coronavirus Edition June 18-20, 2021

Let's get back out there! Join Steve Simon for a safe, intensive & transformational shooting experience in Vancouver, BC.

  • Dates: June 18-20, 2021
  • Genre: Street Photography, Travel
  • Group Size: Max 6 participants
  • Skill Levels: All
  • Includes: Tuition & Signed Passionate Photographer Hardcover book

There are meaningful images ready for the taking at this difficult time in our history. Sometimes the Urban Landscape, street photos without people can make the strongest statements. 

The more personal you make it, the more universal the images become. We will tell visual Vancouver stories that are personal and meaningful to us. The goal will be a final presentation of a cohesive set of images. 

We meet in person, grabbing a coffee and social distancing in English Bay and other locations. We will consult and formulate a shooting plan based on individuals interests and visual potential.

Lets get back out there safely and do what we love. 


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Workshop Details

Let's get back out there! 

Join award-winning street photographer Steve Simon for a safe and unforgettable three days of living and breathing (carefully) photography in one of the world’s most visual and beautiful cities: Vancouver, British Columbia.

An Intensive, Transformational & Safe Shooting Experience

I'm anxious to get back out there shooting, but safety is my main concern. How does a street photographer stay safe while doing what he/she loves: making pictures?

There are a few adjustments. A mask and hand-sanitizer are as important as our memory cards. Though I'm an advocate for getting within close proximity of your subjects for the intimacy communicated in the final images, stepping back with a longer focal length may be prudent at this time. And it will open up new photo opportunities. 

We meet via Zoom pre-workshop to formulate a shooting plan based on individuals interests and visual potential of locations. We will have daily Zoom meeting/lectures followed by a critique session where images submitted will be critiqued by me and our fellow passionate photographer participants. 

As part of the package, I will schedule a one hour, one-on-one personal session after the workshop, to talk individually with each participant.

You can provide up to 120 images and I will cull, edit, sequence and create a book using the Lightroom Book Module which will be part of our discussion. After our meeting, I will send you a recording of the meeting for you to review if you like, and the Lightroom Catalog with the book should you decide to self-publish the work. 

We formally begin our workshop with an in-person social distancing meeting: grabbing a coffee at English Bay. 

Chances are you're already in Vancouver so you know this three-day masterclass (limited to 6 students) offers exciting and beautiful locations in and around Vancouver. You might consider visually rich places and neighborhoods like Gastown, Stanley Park and English Bay, Chinatown, Granville Island and Yaletown. But the locations will depend on the narrative you choose to pursue. It could be one street corner or many different places. 

I will be teaching you new and powerful street photography techniques to push you from your comfort zone but keep you safe, sharing my street-shooting philosophies gleaned from a lifetime of wandering urban places with my camera.

Through our shoot, lecture and critique process, I will help you hone your unique vision and visual voice. Together, we will form a plan for capturing the rich daily life of the street, overcoming fears and shyness, maybe approaching strangers when appropriate for street portraits, framing, juxtaposition and layering compositions or letting the image come to you by being patient. We will also consider if color or black and white best suits your vision.

All levels of photographic experience can benefit from this workshop.

All participants get a personalize copy of The Passionate Photographer Hardcover Book. 


Pre Workshop Evening 
Pre-Workshop Zoom Meet-Greet & Portfolio Review Thursday Night June 17
  • 7-8pm: This will be an opening lecture where we introduce ourselves and showcase a 6-image portfolio which I review. We talk about the state of our photography and the world, along with our plan for the next three days.

Day 1:  9am Arrival & Orientation Friday June 18
  • 9am: Introductory social distant in-person meet and greet at Morton Park in English Bay across from Starbucks. You can't miss the Laughing Statues by Chinese artist Yue Minjun. We can grab a coffee-to-go and confirm our plan, then begin our shoot. Everyday you will edit and upload up to 12 images to a shared Dropbox Folder for our evening critique. I will check in with everyone throughout the day to see how your shoot is progressing. 

  • 7pm: Our one-hour critique session.
Day 2: Saturday June 19
  • Morning Shoot: We will socially distant in-person meet at our morning shoot destination (TBD)and pursue our shooting project, then edit and upload up to 12 images to a shared Dropbox Folder for our evening critique. I will check in with everyone throughout the day to see how your shoot is progressing. 

  • 7pm: Our one-hour critique session.

Day 3: Sunday June 20
  • On this, the final day of the workshop, we continue shooting for our image set. 

  • You are encouraged to finish up with plenty of editing time to submit your final selection by 3pm.
  • 4pm: Our final two-hour Zoom session where we look at your final selection and Steve's choices for the final presentation.  
  • Participants and tutors alike always find it hard to say goodbye at the end of a workshop but you'll heartened by the fact that you leave with a renewed sense of mission and confidence, new techniques and ideas to apply and a reinvigorated passion to continue your wanderings on the streets of this world as it begins to open up.
  • We will also schedule a 1 on 1 Zoom Meeting post workshop to talk more personally about the experience and ideas to improve your work moving forward. 

Our Venue: Your Home via Zoom

The workshop before social distancing.

I'm a bit of a geek at heart, and I will talk street-tech giving you my minimalist view on gear and what to use in the Covid era. I will suggest a simplified shooting process to maximize your response time to capture decisive moments.

My street tools include the a Nikon Z Mirrorless Bodies & Lenses, but I'm familiar with a wide range of equipment to help you with your mirrorless, compact, rangefinder, DSLR or even your camera phone for making compelling street images. We will talk lenses, auto focus, zone focusing, shooting form the hip, using live view, flash and a host of other tips, tricks, distractions and ideas that will improve your work dramatically.

Online & Physical Workshop Testimonials

Gary Niederpruem, Chicago

“What a fabulous experience. I learned more about photography in one week than I had in 5 years. Steve is very knowledgable about the technical side as well as composition. He is very patient, gives excellent feedback and will work one on one with you on any photography subject you want. I asked him for help on night photography and at 10 PM he was out on the streets of Havana with me with step by step instructions on how to take the shot. 5 star plus rating!!”

Anna Blanco, New York City

“Best workshop I’ve ever taken! Steve is not only a great photographer, he is also a terrific teacher. He is patient and very hands- on. In some workshops the instructor sends students out to shoot after a short lecture–Steve goes out with his students, coaching them throughout the process. His course is well organized and covers diverse topics. He is funny and engaging and generous with his time and knowledge. I had SO MUCH fun and am ready to sign up for the next one. Highly recommended!”

Anne Dunford, Ithaca, New York

"My week in Steve’s Street Shooting workshop challenged me tremendously. There’s nothing like taking your work apart and putting it back together with new vision to make you a better photographer. If you take this workshop, I guarantee you will see the world differently at the end."

Tony Le, Online

While putting together my street photography book, I felt I needed an editor that I could trust because I knew they would be helping me with my decision-making process.  I was familiar with Steve Simon because I used to listen to ‘This Week In Photography’ religiously when I first started getting into taking pictures.  He was my favorite personality on the show because he always seemed to have such a thoughtful and empathetic angle to the topics of the day.  That lead me to read his book, “The Passionate Photographer,” (also great) and I have tried to incorporate what I learned from it into my approach as an artist.  Finally, it was Steve’s eye and impressive work as a street photographer himself that solidified my choice to use him as a consultant for my project.

I’m so glad that I did!  Steve was as gracious and thoughtful as I always imagined he would be.  He was able to look at my work and shake up how I viewed it.  I told him all sorts of wild theories and wonky philosophies about how I saw my work, and he as able to sort through all the fluff and get me to focus on the core of my message.  He did this with sensitivity and tact. And through it all, he was more amiable and responsive as I could have reasonably expected.  I ended up paying for five separate sessions because his input was that valuable.  Our conversations allowed me to save countless hours debating random minutiae with myself (that would have probably ended up nowhere and being a big waste of time), and our time together fostered an accelerated growth in me as an artist.  In less than a month of interaction, I feel like I am in an entirely different place as a photographer, and I feel that Steve is a significant reason for that. 

I can’t recommend Steve highly enough!

Larry Felton, Online

I started working with Steve because I wanted to move from making individual pictures to working on photographic projects. Our first couple of sessions had an immediate impact on my photography in two ways.  First, Steve looked at a sample of my work, selected several strong images, and showed me what made them work.  We also talked about the images that didn’t work as well.  We dug into my picture making process and explored what I could do differently to increase the number of strong images I make. The sessions are interactive, so I can ask questions to be sure I understand Steve’s feedback.  Second, Steve looked at the strong images as a group and showed me how they could be the start of a coherent body of work. I really appreciate that he helped me begin to identify and develop my personal vision.  HIs questions and comments helped me sharpen the focus on what my project can be. In each session, Steve’s thoughtful suggestions and encouragement are helping me make steady progress on my goal of being a better photographer.  

Denise Pensky, Online

Steve Simon is a gifted instructor and also has the amazing ability to help you understand what you have unconsciously captured but may not have seen. You can then embrace that visual voice/style with direction and clarity. He is genuine and focused on your growth as a photographer … which is why I and so many others come back to his workshops and mentoring sessions.

Owen Seidenberg, Online

It is said that people tend to emotionally support and defend that which they have created. Nowhere is that truer than for photographers in the pursuit of intended audiences for their photographs. We can subconsciously become prejudiced arbitrators when it comes to evaluating, editing, selecting and sequencing our own images. The private mentorship and critique sessions I’ve participated in with Steve Simon have been invaluable in helping me to cast off the emotional baggage attached to my photos allowing me to see them as they are and how they may relate to each other to form coherent collections greater than the sum of their parts. 

Jeff Carson, Online

I would never be where I am professionally without great mentoring.  Thus, I knew the very best way for the quality of my photography to progress was to find an exceptional photographer as a mentor. Steve Simon has delivered big time…..with insight, skill, incredible editing ability and, of course, passion for the art.  Give him a try, it is a great investment.  

Stephen Handley, Online

I participated in one of Steve’s Havana workshops, and recently had a online zoom discussion with him.  He has a comprehensive knowledge of Nikon’s equipment as well as the best photographic techniques to capture great images. Moreover, he is an  easy and fun guy to talk with because, clearly, he is genuinely interested in helping others enjoy photography.   

Paul Lavergne, San Juan, PR

"Steve’s passion for photography is contagious and his teaching abilities and knowledge extraordinary! I highly recommend this workshop to anyone interested in photography."

Chapman Solomon, Mountain View, CA

“Participating in the NYC Street Photography Workshop was an enriching and exhilarating experience. It challenged me to step out of my comfort zone to improve my skills. Steve’s curriculum and hands on approach offered me an opportunity to learn new techniques, add some creativity and visualize subject matter from another perspective. Each day presented abundant photo opportunities, resulting with the capture of some amazing images, exceeding my greatest expectations.”

Stephen Sholl, New York City

"Not only is Steve a great photographer, he is also a caring, compassionate person as well. He is constantly trying to help participants achieve their photographic goals in a gentle, caring, and sincere manner. Sadly, the critiques of my work were very helpful. Steve was right-on in terms of his suggestions to better my work. The totality of the workshop was terrific, primarily because the parts were all excellent as well. Choice of shooting locations, image reviews, suggestions, videos shown, and galleries visited were all great. Steve also promoted wonderful interactions among the participants. The venue was perfect for the workshop. We could spread out, leave your things there, use the facilities, and eat the goodies provided. You know you’re in good hands with Steve! An outstanding workshop!!"

Steve Lavelle, London

"This is an outstanding workshop, led by a world-class photographer. It is impossible to spend time in a room with Steve Simon and not be inspired to get out there and make great images …I had high expectations and you exceeded them…Steve is very personable, articulate and passionate about photography, very welcoming with a warm, engaging personality. Steve’s style is outstanding. I knew of Steve from the TWiP podcast and would have attended if he was talking about how to watch paint dry…”

Oscar Piñeyro, Dallas

"I just spent the last three days with Steve Simon, What a wonderful experience, the best time spent in a workshop ever. Steve is a perfectionist, every presentation not only had spectacular photography but also the perfect music to enhance the mood, a roller coaster of emotions. He cannot hide his journalistic background every single image tells a story. His technique is flawless; his teaching patience unparalleled. I am eager to start a new chapter of my photography applying what Steve taught me in the last few days."

A picture is the expression of an impression. If the beautiful were not in us, how would we ever recognize it?”  

– Ernst Haas