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Nikon Z8-Z9 Bootcamp: The Articulating Review Screen Is The New Normal For Street & Travel Work

The one common theme I see in much of the work of classic photographers I admire, like Vivian Maier and Diane Arbus is they used cameras where they looked down into the viewfinder, shooting from a lower angle-- and the result was the literal elevation of their subjects. By that I mean, shooting lower and looking up at the people in their images tends to communicate a dignity you see it in the photographs.
Photo: Vivian Maier
The great portrait photographer Yousuf Karsh mostly shot his famous subject from a low angle which tended to glorify the iconic historical figures who were his subjects. 
And I've taken my cue from these photographic heavyweights when I go out shooting with my Z8 or Z9. The tilt screen on these amazing bodies have allowed me to take a similar tact, and I'm loving the results. I use the camera the way I usually do, back button AF, wide-large with subject detect set for people. I increase the monitor brightness to its max and I look down and shoot.
The recent firmware updates for both cameras added a very underestimated feature in my opinion and something I was requesting: The ability to make the focus point/box border thicker and more visible, which has enhanced this powerful way to shoot. 
The huge benefit I notice is I'm much less intimidating to people when my eye is not on the viewfinder window pointing my camera in their direction, which is a very aggressive stance-- especially at the close proximities I prefer for more intimate photos with my 24-70 or 24-120mm lenses.
People don't seem to notice or care that my fairly large Z8 or Z9 is pointing in their direction when I'm looking down at the monitor.  As a result, in concert with the bodies' lightening fast AF, I'm getting stronger, more intimate, authentic and candid moments.
All Photos Nikon Z8/Z9: Steve Simon
It has become my new normal when street and travel shooting. In situations when I need to be extra stealthy, I set the camera to silent mode and use the screen's to "touch shutter/touch AF" and I simply touch the area on the screen I want to focus and the camera focuses and shoots without making a sound. It's a game-changer. More on this in the Nikon Z8/Z9 Bootcamps.

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