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Welcome to PhotoEducate - Learn, Grow, Shoot, Create!

We are Passionate Photographers... and, we are passionate about photography workshops.

Why? Because we know that a photography workshop can change your life. It changed ours.

Photography workshops can be exhilarating as you wade into uncharted waters, taking chances, making mistakes and learning from them. Workshops can build your confidence, give you direction and help you refine or even find your visual voice.

PhotoEducate’s original mission was to bring a variety of the world’s best photography education opportunities into one place and connect the very best of those experiences with photographers from around the world. Currently Steve Simon's Workshops are on view. 

We aim to deliver exceptional service and information to those who share our mantra “never stop learning and growing” while helping you make the best, most informed choices as you pursue your photographic dreams through travel and education.

Part of our goal is to create a spirit of community around photographic education in all forms. We believe in photography education as the best investment for photographers to push their limits and see how far their passions will take them.

Steve Simon

Steve Simon

Author of five critically-acclaimed photography books with works in major museum collections worldwide, Steve is a lecturer, workshop leader and author of numerous online photo courses for LinkedIn. He created the editorial course for SVA’s Master of Professional Studies in Digital Photography program and has taught at the International Center of Photography in New York.

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