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Photo Educate aims to create the world’s leading photographic education platform.

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Filling unsold seats

“PhotoEducate evolved from my desire to fill unsold seats in my workshops. I’m very proud of the workshops we organize and judging from the evaluations, students are thrilled with the entire experience."

"But we don’t always sell out. PhotoEducate has helped push us over the tipping point for profitability by filling those last few spaces and letting me concentrate on providing the best possible photographic and travel learning experience for my students.”

Steve Simon, Co-Founder PhotoEducate

Promote My Photography Workshop

Sharing our workshop marketing expertise

"We've put together a marketing and web development team that is now focused 100% on designing, optimizing and promoting photography workshops."

"We develop specialized expertise by bringing together a global audience of passionate photographers and some of the world's best workshops in one place."

Steve Attard, @sattardphoto Co-Founder PhotoEducate

Focusing on your goals

We work personally with you to create a web, e-mail and social media plan that’s unique to your workshop business.

Along the way, we tailor your goals based on rich data about the global photography workshop audiences.

For some, we identify those people who already know you, and encourage them to make a booking. For others, we may focus on creating awareness first and show them more of your work as we introduce them to your brand.

At every step we pay close attention to picking the right objectives that are tailor-made for your workshop business.

Why host on Photo Educate?

Fill workshop seats faster

Thousands of passionate photography travellers can discover and book your workshops on web and mobile.

Reach a targeted global audience

We promote your workshop to a targeted audience of passionate photography travellers worldwide.

Focus on your business

We do the heavy lifting for you and provide personal assistance to you and our community of passionate photographers everyday.

How to get started.


Create your listing

We create your listing – you won’t have to fill in any forms. You send us all the information and we’ll design your listing in collaboration with you.


Set your terms

You're in control - from what you charge, to when your workshop is available for booking. You can manage and update your terms anytime.


Guests find you

We promote your workshop on our website, newsletter and social channels. When guests find you they can message you or make a reservation.


Host your workshop

Welcome your guests and focus on what you do best - thrilling your students.

More questions? Message us anytime.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the criteria for successfully listing on PhotoEducate?

A recommendation by a PhotoEducate partner and/or an informal interview process where we talk about your workshop with at least three of the 10 alumni attendees you submit.

Workshop Listings

Photo Educate’s enhanced listings detail all information useful for a viewer to understand your offering, including learning objectives, agenda, testimonials, student galleries and much more. Listings also provide opportunities to include multi-media features that attract attention and clicks like videos and slideshows. When you list five or more workshops on PhotoEducate we can create your own landing page. Many workshop providers link straight to us as their main channel for the workshop segment of their business.

What is your booking platform and how does it work?

Booking can be placed easily through Photo Educate's secure booking platform. Accept workshop bookings without any paperwork, surprise fees, confusing regulatory compliance procedures and most of all no technical integrations.

Photo Educate's (optional) secure e-commerce platform allows you to take deposits and other payments and accept all international major debit and credit cards as well as PayPal. We forward all monies (after commission) as well as all details about the customer to you within 24 hours— so you can process the final payment and manage the relationship with the customer.

We offer e-commerce because most partners prefer to have little friction in converting our customers towards their workshops - however we can also just send you the 'leads'.

In this case we would capture the 'lead' through a brief 'registration form' on our site (see how it works for Brian Storm's workshop here

In either case, after the deposit is paid, the lead is sent and you handle everything from there making it seamless for you and your customer.

Deposits & Cancellations

Our cancellation policy is your cancellation policy. We don't want you to be out of pocket if one of the customers we provide cancels on you. If you refund a customers deposit as per your policy, we refund 70% of the commission we collected (some of our commission revenue is applied to marketing and advertising and we also incur payment processing fees which is why we retain the 30 per cent).

How much does it cost?

We have annual listing fee of $200 per workshop, which flows directly into the marketing budget that we use to promote your workshop through highly targeted social media ad campaigns. We also give you an option to provide a larger budget should you wish us to do more promotion for you.

Every listing is subject to our standard sales commission structure:

  • Workshops Under $1500 – 20%
  • Workshops $1501-$4999 – 15%
  • Workshops Over $5000 – 10%

We can limit the number of seats we sell for each workshop thus limiting your commission for a profitable balance.

How do we promote your workshop?

Our secret sauce is a highly targeted social media and e-mail campaign guaranteed to engage on average 30,000 passionate photographers and workshop enthusiasts - with the wherewithal to participate in premium photography workshops — to visit and engage with your workshop listing.

PhotoEducate can take care of all your workshop marketing, reaching our audience of people with proven behavior for photography-related travel —driving highly qualified traffic to your listings. In creating the marketing strategy for your workshops we can also prioritize specific workshops you point to as requiring extra attention.

How do prospective workshop attendees get in touch with me?

We promote engagement and let users get in touch with you, the workshop tutor/organizer if they have queries about a workshop at any point during the research and booking process.

What happens to my workshop listing when you sell the allocated amount of seats for my workshop?

We keep expired listings on the site and the “Book Now” button is changed to “Apply Now”. We then notify you when we get interested parties.