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Gulf Photo Plus: Feb 7-12, 2018

Gulf Photo Plus: Photo Week 2018

Conceived in 2004, Photo Week is the longest-running international photography festival in the region. Packed with exhibitions, photo walks, special events, product launches, and workshops led by the world’s leading photographers, Photo Week is uniquely designed to inspire, challenge, and connect photographers and enthusiasts from around the globe.

Why Photo Educate Recommends Gulf Photo Plus

Gulf Photo Plus stands out for us because of the diversity of voices that you will be exposed to in a short and intense time.

Dubai is a unique environment to learn - you're probably going to be taken out of your comfort zone which is a great place to be for learning.

The Middle East is a location that brings together a diverse group of photo enthusiasts and professionals which greatly adds to your learning experience.

We hope you get a chance to try Gulf Photo Plus next year - we guarantee that you'll learn from a variety of teachers and students alike, and see so many new ways of doing things.

About the Event

The 2018 edition was the 14th year of the festival – the first and longest-running of its kind in the region and ran from February 7 – 12, 2018 and at Alserkal Avenue.

Over the course of six days, GPP Photo Week 2018 brought together some of the world’s leading photographers to teach and present on the latest innovations and techniques in the field.

The event featured programming by established local and regional photographers who are at the top of their respective fields.

Featured Workshops

Photo Educate offered a curated selection of our favourite workshops being offered at Gulf Photo Plus.


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