Great Access To Photograph New York City Columbus Day Parade

Jeffrey Chapman

Jeffrey Chapman is a cultural, humanitarian, and world photographer. He is interested in the human experience, strives to nurture cultural appreciation, and is dedicated to visually communicating stories of hope and dignity of those without voices loud enough to tell their own stories.

Born with intense wanderlust and a profound curiosity, Jeffrey has lived in six countries (including Italy for 10 years) and has travelled both the celebrated and the obscure corners of the world on a journey of adventure, experience, knowledge, and personal growth. He is multicultural, multilingual, an incorrigible optimist, and has never been bored.

Jeffrey photographs the beautifully-innate humanity within people, cultures, traditions, and celebrations around the world and is an enthusiastic leader of international photographic adventures and workshops. He considers it an honor to work with fellow photographers along their individual photographic journeys.

Jeffrey is based in the United States. He speaks English and Italian.

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