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Kavin Raber

CEO and Publisher of Luminous-Landscape

"It’s all about the passion . . . the passion of photography and the beauty of the world that I get an opportunity to see and capture with my camera.  I have been doing photography since I was 12 and since that first day and up to today and I am sure tomorrow, I find myself consumed with taking and making great photographs.

My history runs deep and I have progressed through many stages of photography in my lifetime.  I had studios in the Philadelphia area, I worked for one of the premier color labs in the country and I was a big part of the digital revolution that has enveloped photography today.  Today I am the publisher of Luminous-landscape one of the most visited websites on the world wide web for photo pros and enthusiasts. Previously, for 13 years I worked for Phase One a very progressive camera company making the finest cameras in the world.  My job allows me to work with photographers from around the globe and to photograph in some of the most beautiful places there are.  I am blessed with a job I love and many friends I have made along the way.

I won’t leave out the fact that I am a father of three fine grown young men.  They make me smile every time I think of them. And, let me not forget my cat Pixel. She is an incredible animal with a huge heart.  It’s funny too because a lot of photographer friends know Pixel and ask how she is doing before asking me.

Plus, I am married to a wonderful woman who is my best friend and lover.  She gets me and trusts me, that is a lot.  I am constantly working and pursuing my many projects, and she supports me all the way.  Never have a met a person with a big heart like my beautiful wife Debra.  She goes on many of my adventures with me.  We got married in Antarctica in 2015 and this past November 2016 she went with me on a 4-week journey to South Georgia Island and Antarctica.  We share four cats and love the time with them.  Debra is also an amazing photographer.

This January (2016) Debra has joined me as an assistant and fellow employee to help with Luminous-Landscape, Luminous-Endowment, Rockhopper Workshops and RaberEYES.  My many companies keep me moving fast and provide interesting challenges but great rewards.  Welcome aboard Debra.

Please enjoy my blog.  I will attempt to make daily postings of images that I am taking and working on as well as articles that may help you and others improve their technique.  Feedback is always welcome."

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