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Your PhotoBook Designed, Sequenced & Ready To Publish

Let Steve Simon create a retrospective monograph or personal project photobook from the best of your portfolio.

  • Dates: Allow 4-Weeks for Completion
  • Genre: The Photobook
  • Skill Levels: All
  • Includes: Book Design and Creation by The Passionate Photographer Steve Simon – Collaboration and culling from up to 1000 images of your strongest work. – Access to almost 10 hours of lectures on the history of photobooks from traditional to cutting edge contemporary, the art of the cull, design and layout, the power of combining words and pictures, sequencing, creating a narrative, choosing a title and cover and maintaining your digital archives.
  • Plus: Editing your artist statement/introduction/afterword – PhotoBook Resource Guide with more than 60 of the world's best sites for On-Demand printing, Publishers, Distributors, PhotoBook Stores, PhotoBook Blogs and Book Fairs. – Training on editing, sequencing and the Lightroom Book Module as well as a self-contained Lightroom Catalog of your final book ready for printing.

Let the power of this process accelerate your growth and give you new confidence with the help of Steve Simon, who spends hours editing, culling and designing your book. Both amateur and professional will benefit from organizing work and harnessing the power of the photobook narrative.

Our archives are fragile. Particularly for digital photographers, the idea of our work surviving into the future is a process we need to think long and hard about--ensuring an effective digital backup strategy is in place. The irony for digital photographers is that the most archival form of a digital capture might be a printed version. The photobook is a legacy to be cherished long into the future.


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Have Steve Simon Produce Your Photo Book

Steve will Articulate, Refine & Encapsulate Your Photographic Vision Into A Photo Book

The Monograph and Personal Project Classes can be a transformative experience. The idea of making a book from the very best of your life's work or imagery from a long-term personal project can be as overwhelming as it is appealing.

But if you don't have the time to take on that challenge or for the five-week online photobook class, now you can have the book created for you and still learn abut the process on your own time.

Steve Simon will create your book in collaboration with you, starting with a generous edit from up to 1000 images. He will then cull down your work to a manageable number of your strongest images to create a retrospective monograph or personal project photobook. 

Steve build's the first draft of the book and works with you to create words for the introduction. Then, through private zoom sessions (scheduled for a convenient time; all time-zones accommodated) you collaborate with Steve to finish building the narrative which amplifies your visual voice and creates a book you can be  proud of. 

"Editing and sequencing of a photo book is like kneading bread dough. Massage and re-massage. Let it sit and go back to it. It's an ongoing process before you 'put in oven and print'."  Bruno Ceschel, Publisher

You will have access to all five lectures where you learn about the history of photobooks from traditional to cutting edge contemporary, the art of the cull, design and layout, the power of combining words and pictures, the different narrative possiblities, choosing a title and cover, sequencing and maintaining your digital archives. But you choose to view these lectures at your own leisure.

You will also learn the Lightroom Book Module through a series of videos and have  access to a comprehensive worldwide resource for Photobooks. The PhotoBook Resource Guide includes links to more than 60 of the world's best sites for On-Demand printing, Publishers, Distributors, PhotoBook Stores, PhotoBook Blogs and Book Fairs. In the end, Steve will send you a Lightroom Catalog which contains your book in the Book Module, ready to tweak or export to PDF or send to Blurb for printing. 

The more personal you make it, the more universal the images become. We know our work so well it becomes impossible to be objective when scrutinizing it--because the emotional metadata we see and feel when we look at our work is hard to strip away. Steve will articulate why and how his choices were made offering you new insight into your own work.  

The type of book we create; number of pages, number of pictures, how words and pictures are combined to tell a greater story, the book format—all will be driven by you and the work in collaboration with Steve.

Steve Simon has been a passionate documentary project photographer and the author of six photographic monographs. He knows the power and benefit of this process.







    While putting together my street photography book, I felt I needed an editor that I could trust because I knew they would be helping me with my decision-making process.  I was familiar with Steve Simon because I used to listen to ‘This Week In Photography’ religiously when I first started getting into taking pictures.  He was my favorite personality on the show because he always seemed to have such a thoughtful and empathetic angle to the topics of the day.  That lead me to read his book, “The Passionate Photographer,” (also great) and I have tried to incorporate what I learned from it into my approach as an artist.  Finally, it was Steve’s eye and impressive work as a street photographer himself that solidified my choice to use him as a consultant for my project.

    I’m so glad that I did!  Steve was as gracious and thoughtful as I always imagined he would be.  He was able to look at my work and shake up how I viewed it.  I told him all sorts of wild theories and wonky philosophies about how I saw my work, and he as able to sort through all the fluff and get me to focus on the core of my message.  He did this with sensitivity and tact.

    And through it all, he was more amiable and responsive as I could have reasonably expected.  I ended up paying for five separate sessions because his input was that valuable.  Our conversations allowed me to save countless hours debating random minutiae with myself (that would have probably ended up nowhere and being a big waste of time), and our time together fostered an accelerated growth in me as an artist.  In less than a month of interaction, I feel like I am in an entirely different place as a photographer, and I feel that Steve is a significant reason for that. 

    I can’t recommend Steve highly enough!

    Tony Le

    I started working with Steve because I wanted to move from making individual pictures to working on photographic projects. Our first couple of sessions had an immediate impact on my photography in two ways.  First, Steve looked at a sample of my work, selected several strong images, and showed me what made them work.  We also talked about the images that didn’t work as well.  We dug into my picture making process and explored what I could do differently to increase the number of strong images I make. The sessions are interactive, so I can ask questions to be sure I understand Steve’s feedback.  Second, Steve looked at the strong images as a group and showed me how they could be the start of a coherent body of work. I really appreciate that he helped me begin to identify and develop my personal vision.  HIs questions and comments helped me sharpen the focus on what my project can be. In each session, Steve’s thoughtful suggestions and encouragement are helping me make steady progress on my goal of being a better photographer.  

    Larry Felton

    Steve Simon is a gifted instructor and also has the amazing ability to help you understand what you have unconsciously captured but may not have seen. You can then embrace that visual voice/style with direction and clarity. He is genuine and focused on your growth as a photographer … which is why I and so many others come back to his workshops and mentoring sessions.

    Denise Pensky

    It is said that people tend to emotionally support and defend that which they have created. Nowhere is that truer than for photographers in the pursuit of intended audiences for their photographs. We can subconsciously become prejudiced arbitrators when it comes to evaluating, editing, selecting and sequencing our own images. The private mentorship and critique sessions I’ve participated in with Steve Simon have been invaluable in helping me to cast off the emotional baggage attached to my photos allowing me to see them as they are and how they may relate to each other to form coherent collections greater than the sum of their parts. 

     Owen Seidenberg

    I would never be where I am professionally without great mentoring.  Thus, I knew the very best way for the quality of my photography to progress was to find an exceptional photographer as a mentor. Steve Simon has delivered big time…..with insight, skill, incredible editing ability and, of course, passion for the art.  Give him a try, it is a great investment.  

    Jeff Carson

    I participated in one of Steve’s Havana workshops, and recently had a online zoom discussion with him.  He has a comprehensive knowledge of Nikon’s equipment as well as the best photographic techniques to capture great images. Moreover, he is an  easy and fun guy to talk with because, clearly, he is genuinely interested in helping others enjoy photography.   

    Stephen Handley


    A picture is the expression of an impression. If the beautiful were not in us, how would we ever recognize it?”  

    – Ernst Haas